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ASP is a website scripting language dsigned by Microsoft for their Internet Information Server (IIS) web server software.

This product is the complete training program for building ASP pages! It teaches you novice to advanced techniques. The course has been designed to build essential skills quickly and effectively using hundreds of examples and exercises. The lessons have been divided into small, manageable and practical chunks. The software features a strong Search system and allows you to Bookmark your favourite topics for future reference.

What you get (Course Outline)

Introduction to ASP

Active Server Pages

  • Client-Side vs. Server-Side Web Technologies
  • The Web's Client-Server Relationship
  • Which Web Servers Support Active Server Pages?

Writing ASP Pages

  • ASP Code In An HTML Context
  • ASP Code Is "Language Neutral"
  • VBScript Statements to Execute in ASP
  • Enclosing Scripting Code within your ASPs
  • Strings in VBScript
  • An Abbreviation for Response.Write
  • Developing ASPs in This Class
  • ASP Directives, Statements, Expression and Comments
  • VBScript Flexibility and Good Programming Practices

Processing Data from Online Forms

  • HTML Forms
  • The <FORM> Tag and Its Attributes
  • ASP Objects
  • The Request and Response Objects
  • Scalar Variables in ASP

Conditional Constructs with "If"

  • Conditional Constructs
  • Adding One or More ElseIf Clauses
  • The Logical AND and OR
  • Combining the Form and Its Processing Code In One ASP File

Working with Cookies

  • Cookies
  • Cookie Properties

Maintaining State with the Session and Application Objects

  • Sessions
  • The Session Object
  • Storing and Retrieving Values Using the Session Object
  • Session Properties and Methods
  • The Application Object

Working With Components

  • Active Server Components
  • Instantiating Component Objects
  • Sending E-mail with CDONTS

Writing To A Text File

  • Text Files
  • Writing to a Tab-Delimited File

Loop Structures

  • Looping
  • For ... Next Loops
  • Collections in ASP
  • For Each...Next Loops and Collections
  • Do...Loop

ASP-to-Database Integration with ADO

  • Web-to-database integration
  • The Databases Used in this Class
  • Issuing Database Commands with SQL
  • The ADO Object Model
  • Database Connectivity with
  • ADO Cursor Types
  • ADO Lock Types
  • The Connection Object's Execute Method
  • Development Strategy Session:
  • Building an Interface for Updating Client Records

VBScript Subroutines and Functions

  • Repetitive Statements

Drilling Down and the Query String

  • Drill Down
  • Building the Query String into a Link
  • Generating Drill Down Links Dynamically

Advanced ASP


  • The three main goals

File Conventions

  • Features we will be using
  • Connection Pooling
  • Dynamic Connection Strings
  • Default METHOD and ACTION values

Advanced Data Drill-Downs

  • Overview

Displaying Variables

  • Making use of Variable Collections

Multi-Table Queries

  • A multi-table query

Displaying a Portion of the Recordset

  • Scrolling through a Recordset

Password Protection with Session Variables

  • Session Variables

Using Stored Procedures

  • Stored procedures

Using Stored Procedures to Insert and Update

  • Inserting and Updating

Working with the File System in ASP

  • The FileSystemObject
  • File and Folder Objects

Processing File Uploads

  • Obtaining a Component for Processing File Uploads
  • The AspUpload Component
  • Building an HTML Form that Supports File Uploads
  • Processing the File on the Server with AspUpload
  • Processing Files and Entered Text
  • SetMaxSize
  • Manipulating Files via AspUpload
  • Restricting Your Upload to Certain File Extensions

Batch Updating

  • Batch Updating
  • Opening the Recordset for Batch Updating
  • Editing the Records Row by Row
  • Updating the Batch
  • So Why Use Batches?
  • A Few VBScript Functions

Using rs.Update Instead of INSERT

  • The INSERT Operation

Form Validation with Server-Side JScript and Regular Expressions

  • Overview
  • Server-Side Form Validation with JScript

Transactions in ASP

  • Overview
  • Handling Errors

Creating Message Boards

  • Creating HTML Files
  • Creating the Database
  • The Interface

If you're serious about learning the full benefits of ASP this is the one for you.